Introducing InvestingByNumbers

InvestingByNumbers helps institutional clients create, implement, and monitor a sound investment program.  Our focus is on PROCESS, DOCUMENTATION, and OVERSIGHT, key components that drive succcessful outcomes.



What You Should Know About Fiduciary Liability

Delegating responsibility is a FIDUCIARY ACTION and the appointing fiduciary is OBLIGATED to not only prudently SELECT but also MONITOR the performance of their appointees at reasonable intervals.



The Three Pillars of Prudence©

Investment Committees members are expected to act as “prudent investors”.  This means observing the Three Pillars of Prudence©: (i) make decisions using a prudent PROCESS, (ii) DOCUMENT actions to show the process was followed, and (iii) perform OVERSIGHT at reasonable intervals.



 Time for a HealthCheckSM?

HealthCheckSM provides a comprehensive assessment of your existing investment program. It is an easy way to ensure your investment program is sound and “things are being down the right way”



Investment Expertise When You Need It

Looking for a way to build upon current investment capabilities and leverage existing resources?

CIO ServicesSM is the ideal solution, delivering a broad working knowledge of investment strategies applied to your unique situation in a timely and cost efficient manner.