Time for a HealthCheck?

Prudent investor standards require that investment committee members use a process-oriented approach in discharging their fiduciary duties.  Investment committee actions are judged under the law as much for the process followed as they are for the decisions made or results achieved.

Protection from liability depends upon the ability to demonstrate a basic understanding of investment principles and to provide evidence of the process that was followed with respect to each decision made.

InvestingByNumbers’ HealthCheckSM helps ensure your organization’s investment committee is following industry best practices, thereby reducing fiduciary risk and increasing the probability of achieving investment goals.

The HealthCheckSM investment fiduciary risk assessment will evaluate and help document your existing investment committee process.  HealthCheckSM provides a comprehensive review covering nine distinct elements associated with the creation, implementation, and monitoring of a well-managed investment program.  HealthCheckSM features a summary of observations and findings that will identify high priority issues and can be used as a roadmap to address areas of concern.

For more information, send us an email at HealthCheck@InvestingByNumbers.com