Welcome to InvestingByNumbers!

InvestingByNumbers provides consulting services to investment fiduciaries and other institutional clients related to the investment decision-making process. We help clients create, implement, and monitor a well-managed investment program.

Our focus is on PROCESS, DOCUMENTATION, and OVERSIGHT, key components that drive successful outcomes and insulate organizations from potential liability.

InvestingByNumbers serves as an ongoing subject matter expert and provides guidance from an investment practitioner’s perspective.


Liability for investment decisions is not necessarily determined by performance results, but rather on whether prudent investment practices were followed.  One must be able to show decisions were properly and thoroughly considered and that a reasonable determination was made at the time the action was taken that it was consistent with the investment program’s objective.


The best way to demonstrate prudent investment practices were followed is by observing InvestingByNumbers’

✓ Make decisions using a prudent PROCESS

✓ DOCUMENT actions to show the process was followed

✓ Perform OVERSIGHT at reasonable intervals

Time for a HealthCheckSM?

In the post-Madoff era, it is more important than ever for investment committees to follow process-oriented approach in discharging their fiduciary duties.  Protection from liability depends upon the ability to demonstrate a basic understanding of investment principles and to provide evidence of the process that was followed with respect to each decision made.

Scheduling an InvestingByNumbers HealthCheckSM can help ensure your organization’s investment committee is following industry best practices, thereby reducing fiduciary risk and increasing the probability of achieving investment goals.


Evaluation of existing investment plan and processes
Recommended actions compliant with industry standards
Focus on the practical application of investment principles


Repeatable investment process
Better investment decisions
Reduction of fiduciary risk
Increased probability of achieving investment goals

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